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What is CHA?

CHA stands for Certified Horsemanship Association. All of Cannon Equine instructors are certified CHA instructors and utilize guidelines set by CHA as well as educational books for each level of riding for our students. We also complete progress reports on each student's lesson that gets emailed to parents/riders along with a newsletter quarterly. There are four levels and our riders have written and riding tests to go up a level. With each level our riders achieve, they receive a pin and certificate. After riders finish level four, we hope for them to move on to another barn that specifies in the higher level discipline that they wish to do or some riders just want to have their own horse and trail ride! Our hope is to educate riders and help them make their dreams come true!

CHA's Why Statement is "CHA changes lives through safe experiences with horses."

CHA's Purpose/Mission Statement is To promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the entire horse industry. This is accomplished by certifying instructors, accrediting equine facilities, producing educational conferences and publishing educational resources such as horsemanship manuals, DVDs, safety video shorts, webinars, a monthly radio show, weekly blog, posters and much more.

Kelly is a CHA certifier and hosts instructor certifications at Cannon Equine annually in an effort to bring more knowledge and credentials to the industry.

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Feel free to ask us anymore questions about CHA, our riding program, or becoming a certified riding instructor!